1,000+ THANK YOU’S

Dear Mount Vernon,

I write to express my gratitude and deep thanks for your support.

Over 1,000 registered Mount Vernon Democrats signed my petition to run for the Office of Comptroller in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, June 22nd!

Over 400 people visited our dedicated volunteers at your “Vote Thomas Campaign Headquarters (at 175 Gramatan Avenue) to sign the petition and join the movement to “Fix Mount Vernon!”

The collection process was tough because of the risks of contracting COVID-19, yet over 1,000 people put their lives on the line to sign and take a stand for what we believe in, that is, a better Mount Vernon.

“Now that this is done,” one VOTE THOMAS Volunteer asked, “what happens next?”

The next step is for the campaign to submit the signed petitions to the Westchester Board of Elections for processing. If no one challenges the 1,000+ valid signatures, then we are on the June ballot and we can move onto the next phase of campaigning. That is …if we lived in an ideal world.

In reality, we expect some haters to challenge the 1,000+ valid signatures the same way former President Donald Trump tried to overturn the November 2020 election. The haters already tried to remove this race and the bad actors they work for demonstrated that they do not want you to have me as a choice.

To them, your vote does not matter.

To them, your voice does not matter.

To them, they prefer to keep Comptroller Deborah Reynolds to guard their secrets and keep you down.

To them, they want you to choose someone that will look the other way and not fight for your family, not fight for your city.

To me, your vote matters.

To me, your voice is my voice and I will continue to use our voice to speak truth to power.

To me, the 1,000+ signatures are another answer to the calling to serve the best interests of Mount Vernon.

To me, we must push back against the political bullies and stop them from dividing and conquering our community.

In anticipation of the next fight, please READY UP to donate whatever you can so we defend our efforts to Fix Mount Vernon for Good! The Trump tactic of attacking your integrity is not just a Republican thing, it's a jealous hater thing too that politically privileged Democrats in Mount Vernon do when they want to protect the status quo.

With the deepest gratitude to the 1,000+ of you that signed our petition to get on the ballot.

Thank you all for your support to Fix Mount Vernon!


Richard Thomas

Candidate for Mount Vernon Comptroller

P.S. Check out our latest blogs here and take our Buildings Department Performance Poll here.

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