DMX Tribute

On Friday April 9, 2021, the day of the passing of DMX, former Mayor and candidate for Mount Vernon Comptroller Richard Thomas issued the following statement:

We lost a musical legend and cultural icon - a Mount Vernon native and Yonkers resident - a person who many have come to know as DMX.

Many do not know that DMX was a spiritual warrior! He understood that we are all God's children and nobody is perfect. He understood that everything is God's will. Most importantly, he understood that if you have God, everything will be alright. DMX had God and gave us his resilient spirit through his music. Music that embraced trials, tribulations, slips, falls... music that spoke power to those who felt powerless. Music that gave rise to strength to overcome heart ache and walls. DMX prayed and urged all of us to discover the power of prayer. DMX confronted his inner demons openly and battled valiantly for a clean life. DMX was one of us and never forgot who he was or where he came from. His authentic love of his friends, family, and extended family of fans became its own culture through the "Ruff Ryders." Earl Simmons - best known as DMX - will be greatly missed, but forever appreciated for providing the world with inspiration. On behalf of my family, we extend our deepest condolences to the Simmons family for their devastating loss of the Original Ruff Ryder - DMX - Earl Simmons. We wish you comfort, strength, and joy in knowing that he is without the sting and with better Angels. The journey will be hard and heavy. Know that we are all here to help carry the grief and sorrow as we go forward toward healing. GOD BLESS DMX! Rest in Power! Sincerely, Rich Thomas Former Mayor Candidate for Comptroller

FB VIDEO LINK: As featured in the Journal News coverage of the passing of DMX, here are my comments to the paper: Former Mount Vernon Mayor Rich Thomas ran into DMX on the bus, in local restaurants and even neighborhood barbecues over the years, he said. “For me, at least, DMX is an inspiration," Thomas said. "You listen to his music and it’s all about being down but not giving up." He was very transparent about his inner demons, Thomas said. “I listen to DMX every day," Thomas said. "After I listen to Joel Osteen, I listen to X to get my day going to remind me that you can’t give up, you got to keep going.”

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