"Good Morning Westchester" WVOX 1460 AM Radio 4/2/21 Interview on Mt. Vernon Comptroller Solutions

In response to the "fuel crisis," on Friday, April 2, 2021, during an interview with WVOX 1460 AM Radio with Dennis Nardone and Tonny on “Good Morning Westchester,” former Mayor and candidate for Comptroller Richard Thomas explained that City Hall should:

  1. change the City’s bank to a new bank that won’t enable the Comptroller’s abuse; and,

  2. the City Council ought to penalize Comptroller Reynolds for missing the March 31st deadline to publish the City’s financial condition as legally required by City Charter reforms.

The first approach was explained in a previous blog called 6 Steps to Fix the Comptroller Problem Today.” In sum, the process of transitioning to a new bank will bring transparency on the City’s true fiscal state. This will allow the City to understand its fiscal problems and determine policies to solve them. More information is available here.

With respect to the second solution, disclosing the City’s financial condition against the adopted budget is required by law. According to the City Charter, not disclosing those details could carry significant ramifications.

As recently pointed out by The Yonkers Tribune,

“Evidence continues to mount that Comptroller Reynolds is jeopardizing Mount Vernon’s public health, education system, and general safety. Just as bad is the willful neglect by City Hall officials who do nothing of substance to stop the madness in Mount Vernon.


How come Mount Vernon Lives Do NOT Matter?”

Richard Thomas believes that Mount Vernon lives matter.


As Comptroller, Richard Thomas would solve problems with actionable policies that put People first. He would do everything in his power to safeguard life, property, and treasure.

This is why he is running for the Office of Comptroller to fix the intentional mess and protect the People from true harm’s way!

As Comptroller, Richard Thomas would not only know what to do, but he would know how to structure fiscally-sound solutions – solutions that aim to reduce the tax burden.

As Comptroller, Richard Thomas would not only pay the bills promptly, but he would challenge City Hall to drop the current “Blockbuster Video” business model and adapt new “Netflix” style ideas to upgrade operations and efficiency.

As Comptroller, Richard Thomas would work to grow the economic pie so we can REFUND Mount Vernon for being overtaxed and underserved without explanation!


Join Us!

Together, we can fix Mount Vernon!

We can start this process by contacting City Hall at 914-665-2500 to urge them to (i) change banks and (ii) hold the Comptroller in breach of duty.

Then, as we anticipate being on the ballot, Vote Thomas for Comptroller on Tuesday, June 22!

Donate. Discuss. And TAKE ACTION to Defend Democracy at the Ballot Box!


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