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How A Comptroller Thomas will Help Fix Mount Vernon with the Howard Administration


(MOUNT VERNON, NY) Today, Tuesday, February 9, 2021, at 12:00 PM, Mayor Richard Thomas was a guest on 98.9 Future FM Radio to discuss the Comptroller’s race in Mount Vernon, why he is running for Comptroller, and how he will help the administration help Mount Vernon succeed.

Host “Boss” Sean Marshall asked the question, “How will Mayor Thomas work with current Mayor Shawyn Patterson Howard as Comptroller if there was tension between the two in the past?”

“It took a process to go through the swamp for people to realize that Richard Thomas was NOT the problem. The problem was somewhere else in City Hall, and the problem has gotten worse in the Comptroller’s Office,” said Mayor Thomas. Mayor Thomas went on to say that he supported every Councilmember and the Comptroller in their official positions. “Support the position. Support the people. You respect the position because the position serves the people,” Mayor Thomas said. He concluded that he does not want them to block Mayor Howard’s administration the way they blocked him. He believes that, “If the Mayor fails, then Mount Vernon fails. This is why as Comptroller I will work with everyone to make Mount Vernon win! There is nothing wrong with fixing things together. That is what we are supposed to do.”

The Host described the current situation where Mount Vernon Police Officers must bring their own toilet tissue to work. This is the same thing that happened to seniors in 2018, when they stormed the Comptroller’s Office demanding respect and to restore their dignity by the Comptroller paying the toilet tissue bill. (Click here to see the video of Mount Vernon seniors storm Comptroller Reynolds Office for toilet paper.) Apparently, 845+ days later, the Comptroller still has not paid the toilet tissue bill and donations by Senator Jamaal Bailey have been helping keep senior bathrooms functional.

“We do not need this drama. The seniors know Mount Vernon was set up to fail. They know the truth. We can fix Mount Vernon. We can pay the bills. We can get DPW the equipment they need. We can get the hazard pay for essential workers from the federal government. It takes a collaboration to get this all done… and I am best situated to help the administration achieve success,” said Mayor Thomas.

Other topics discussed during the hour-long interview include:

  1. Fixing Broken Sewers

  2. How “Monthly Operational Audits” will boost performance

  3. What Mayor Thomas learned during his time as Mayor

  4. NYS Comptroller DiNapoli’s Audit on How to Stop the Dysfunction in Mount Vernon

  5. How the City Comptroller can play a role in reducing crime (approx. 18:00 mins into video)

  6. How Political Opponents manipulated Mount Vernon into believing LIES about Mayor Thomas (approx. 22 mins into video)

  7. How Charter Revisions will reinforce transparency and accountability on the Comptroller

Most importantly, Mayor Thomas described how the new Charter Revisions will reinforce transparency and accountability for the Office of Comptroller. Specifically, the requirement to provide quarterly presentations on the City’s cash position will help flush out major bottlenecks in the administration of City business. Watch the full interview here or under the following link for more information:

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