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Asking the state to assist Mount Vernon is like waiting for Superman.

As Mayor I requested a Federal Monitor to oversee the City of Mount Vernon, particularly the sewer project, after Governor Andrew Cuomo opted to ignore a Constitutional request to address grievances with the Office of Comptroller for the City of Mount Vernon. At the time, Governor Cuomo’s rationale was the situation was political and the official filing remains stranded on his desk.

Recall, the New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli started to audit the City of Mount Vernon when I was Mayor and pulled out after two days of discovery. They came back in 2020 and validated every point I made — including the fact that former Comptroller Maureen Walker blocked “access to 2016 City banking records.” (See Audit report page 27.)

Let us not forget these truths. They also include then Councilmembers Marcus Griffith and Andre Wallace led the resistance to disregard Federal Court orders to fix broken sewers in Mount Vernon. They blocked me more than Senator Mitch McConnel blocked President Barack Obama!

Click here and here to see and hear for yourself.

Councilmember Griffith said, “It was too expensive…” and like a climate denier — he repeatedly claimed the problem was not real. This is consistent with the actions of former Comptroller Walker and Councilmember Wallace who were both told by the Department of Justice that they were “in the hot seat” for obstructing environmental compliance measures.

The only nightmare is the one we are living now with the incompetence in City Hall. The people in charge there and the Political Mob that protects them are dangerous.

Mount Vernon needs safety and structure. This is why I created the Charter Revision Commission and rallied the residents to overwhelmingly vote for transparent, structural changes.

Clearly, it is up to the People of Mount Vernon, who I love dearly, to choose who and how they want to fix the orchestrated mess with the City’s finances. I re-submit my fighting spirit and proven results to serve and save Mount Vernon as its next Comptroller.

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