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Mount Vernon's Electronic Payment System Compromised by Comptroller Reynolds

Read the warning about Mount Vernon's electronic payment system collapsing in 2018 after years of obstruction from the Comptroller's Office beginning in 2016.

In this report, the Mount Vernon Inspector General outlines how Comptroller Deborah Reynolds undermined Mount Vernon's transparent, electronic payment platform called MUNIS and replaced it with a paper-based, arbitrary voucher system.

The report provides recommendations to correct the payment problem; however, these measures were ignored by the then City Council, Comptroller, and other public officials that - at the time - claimed the issues with the Comptroller were "political."


Based on the continued pattern and practice of the Mount Vernon Comptroller sabotaging the People of the City of Mount Vernon - most recently with the fuel crisis, this 2019 Inspector General report confirms that Comptroller Reynold's actions are intentional and deliberate.

The motivation behind the Mount Vernon Comptroller's actions are the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Westchester District Attorney, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, and possibly other law enforcement agencies.

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