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Mr. Expert Sits Down with Mayor Thomas on the Mount Vernon Comptroller Race

(MOUNT VERNON, NY) On Thursday, February 11, 2021, at 2:00 PM, Mayor Richard Thomas was a guest on 98.9 Future FM Radio with Host Mr. Expert and co-host Chantelle to discuss the Comptroller’s race in Mount Vernon, what the role of a Comptroller is, and how can people get involved in Mayor Thomas’ campaign to fix Mount Vernon. The Host asked about the “Banking While Black” incident when the City’s bank called the cops on Mayor Thomas when he inquired about millions missing from the the City's coffers and sought to deposit checks as part of city business. “Two years later, the problem has gotten worse. The bank is still blocking access to the account information despite Court Orders, disregarding the City Charter, and willfully ignoring their own account “Terms & Conditions,” said Mayor Thomas. He added, “When I sought to rectify the matter at the Board of Estimate & Contract, the Comptroller and the City Council chose to not attend the meeting and continue the illegal practice of hiding the City’s money from the public.” Mayor Thomas explained that this is why he created the Charter Revision Commission to make transparency the law in Mount Vernon and to force the Comptroller to provide critical information on a frequent basis. The Charter Revisions are the first publicly voted on measures to change the City Charter since 1892. The change was welcomed by the people of Mount Vernon with a 94% approval mandate. The new transparency requirements eliminate the games the Comptroller can play and installs a new system of accountability. “As Comptroller, I will be transparent and accountable. This is a double guarantee as the law requires it and I already demonstrated such with my positive results from my time in office. Unlike those in power now, I will provide the public full access to their money so we can evaluate our priorities and choose the most effective course of action to solve our shared problems,” said Mayor Thomas. The two also discussed a situation related to when the Comptroller went beyond her authority with respect to removing the names of the Mayor and City Council President from the City’s bank accounts. The Charter clearly says that only by an action of the Board of Estimate can determine the depository of City funds and how those funds are administered, including two signatures for bank transactions. “For years, the Comptroller has acted unilaterally and above the law. It is with great appreciation that Westchester District Attorney Mimi Rocah investigates the Office of Mount Vernon Comptroller for these problems and many more,” said Mayor Thomas. Other topics discussed during the hour-long interview include:

  1. How “Monthly Operational Audits” will boost performance.

  2. NYS Comptroller DiNapoli’s Audit on How to Stop the Dysfunction in Mount Vernon.

  3. How Political Opponents manipulated Mount Vernon into believing LIES about Mayor Thomas.

  4. How Charter Revisions will reinforce transparency and accountability on the Comptroller.

Watch the full interview here or under the following link for more information:

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