POLL: Buildings Department Performance Survey

A function of the Comptroller’s Office is to conduct audits on departments and agencies.

For some reason, this has never been done in Mount Vernon by the City Comptroller.

As Comptroller, I would conduct frequent quality control meetings and audits to influence the administration to perform at a higher level to benefit the People of our beloved City.

Spring is here! Take our POLL on the Building Department's performance today!

Many are planning on making improvements to their properties. Be it a kitchen, retaining wall, or new building – each permit application represents jobs and activities that can strengthen our local economy.

If the Buildings Department processes permits properly, it could generate millions in revenues to reduce the property tax burden.

While the $42 million that the Biden administration is sending to Mount Vernon represents surplus monies to justify an immediate property tax rollback, a functioning Building Department could go a long way toward reversing City Hall’s decision to raise taxes by roughly 4%.

Yet - this is not the case.

According to the City’s Law Department, Mount Vernon is in a “state of disarray” and well-publicized issues involving its Comptroller have made it difficult to operate.

This is why I am asking you to complete the “Buildings Department Performance Poll.”

I want to hear your stories – good, bad, and ugly – about the current chaos in City Hall and how it is affecting you from the standpoint of the Department of Buildings. (Note other polls will be conducted soon.)

Based on your anonymous feedback, we will compile a report and release the results and recommendations on how the Department can improve in the near future.

In the meantime, thank you for supporting the Vote Thomas Movement to Fix Mount Vernon!

Donate and volunteer to help Mount Vernon win!

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