Right to Ballot Reserved - Court Rules in Favor of Thomas Campaign

Good Day Mount Vernon and Thomas for Comptroller Enthusiasts!

We have good news from Court today – we accomplished our goal to reserve our right to defend our access to the ballot!

At first glance the news of our petition being dismissed may sound like a loss; however, it is not. In fact, a follow up hearing is scheduled for Monday, April 19th, 2021, if necessary. This hearing will only happen if the Board of Elections decides to eliminate over 744 signatures out of the 1,000+ collected.

Mount Vernon’s Democratic Political Boss made it clear on numerous occasions that he has a personal vendetta against Richard Thomas.

Answering “Why?” will be one of the questions raised in an upcoming documentary (and book) on Mayor Richard Thomas’ trials, tribulations, and triumphs as Mayor of Mount Vernon. Details will be released in the near future. For now, we will leave the vendetta question alone.

What is concerning is that the same Political Boss that has it in for Thomas is a key decision maker on whether or not Thomas will make the ballot for Comptroller. The Political Boss is also the Democratic Elections Commissioner which oversees elections in Westchester County.
This is why our legal challenge is so important. Equally as important are your donations to help mount the impending legal fight ahead to protect democracy.

According to our election lawyers, a campaign has only 14 days from the time they filed petitions with the Board of Elections to start a legal action to revive any petition signatures removed by the Board of Elections.

If a campaign does not act first, then the Board of Elections can throw out your petitions and leave the campaign with limited options to protest their action.

A campaign starts an action in Court to keep the ability to (i) protest the removal of and (ii) protect the inclusion of the maximum amount of petition signatures to meet the threshold to be on the ballot.

If a campaign does not act to reserve the maximum signatures, then it could be possible for opponents to launch a sneak attack to try and disqualify candidates from accessing the ballot after the Board of Elections allows the candidate on the ballot.

For example, let’s assume that the Board of Elections says they are eliminating 500 signatures from 1,000+ collected. While we still have 200 over the required 300 signatures, opponents can launch a legal challenge in Court claiming that the Board of Elections missed 201 signatures.

Without filing the original preventative action, the campaign would only fight over the 201 signatures – not the entire 1,000+.

This limits the campaign’s ability to mount a strong defense. It often results in candidates being removed from the ballot because of the narrow scope of signatures at hand.

In our case, we reserved our right to defend all 1,000+ signatures. This way if the Board of Elections rules in our favor, we have reserved our right to fight over ALL signatures collected to defend our access to the ballot should another sneak attack occur.

This is how true Voter Suppression really works. Invisible money power forces (ab)use the legal system to stop change agents from making change. They use political operatives to lie on and drown progressive leaders in legal bills, smear attacks, and disinformation. There is little difference between the voter suppression tactics in Georgia and the dark elements at work in Mount Vernon.

As we already said, while the Judge dismissed our case, the Judge thankfully ruled to extend the clock to allow us to re-file our petition to defend ALL signatures if the Board of Elections decides to rule against us.

The bottom line is we accomplished our goal of “reserving our right” to defend our access to the ballot.

The County Board of Elections said they expect to have a decision on the status of our petitions to be on the ballot for the Office of Comptroller by Thursday, April 15th, 2021.

In sum, we thank the Court for its decision to allow us to file again if needed. We will remain cautiously optimistic that we will gain access to the ballot and we look forward to a vigorous campaign for the Office of Comptroller of Mount Vernon.


The Thomas for Comptroller Team

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