Yonkers Tribune Asks - How Come Mount Vernon Lives Do NOT Matter?

We write sharing important news of THE HEZITORIAL from the Yonkers Tribune which concluded that:

“Former Mayor Richard Thomas was correct and continues to be exonerated by the consequences of an unchecked Comptroller in Mount Vernon. It certainly looks as if he was politically targeted for crusading to reform a corrupt City Hall and raising questions about Mount Vernon’s finances. Based on the IG report and NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s September 2020 audit of Mount Vernon, the Office of Comptroller wrongfully seized control of the Mount Vernon’s finances going back to 2016. The public was led to believe that former Mayor Thomas was the cause of turmoil; however, this has been proven not to be true. Old power struggles continue to manifest today through high property taxes, rampant potholes, chaos to the point of near fist fights between Mayor Patterson-Howard and Comptroller Reynolds at meetings, and the ridiculous amounts of grime littering Mount Vernon streets.” HEZITORIAL by the Yonkers Tribune, April 4, 2021

Read the entire editorial here or under the following link:


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