Here we are again. Despite leadership changes and charter revisions, the City of Mount Vernon continues to fumble its finances — and we now know this to be fact. Taxpayers have no idea where the collected money is stored, used, and managed and the city has chronically failed to pay its bills on time — if at all. This cycle of dysfunction can no longer be perceived by the public as something mistaken or new. I firmly believe this chaos benefits an unknown entity that has worked very hard to use the clutter of confusion to deceive the masses.

The fraud at the College of New Rochelle provides a chilling example of what could be “at play” here in Mount Vernon. Regardless of the motivation and people involved, the inevitable consequences of this political nonsense on the People of Mount Vernon are real, present, and dangerous. City workers — especially those providing emergency services — should be respected and given the hazard pay they have rightfully earned along with the terms of their agreed-upon contracts. Instead, these essential workers are being used as pawns and proxies in a political game we can no longer allow to play out.

What’s going on in City Hall today suggests they are choosing to surrender Mount Vernon’s independence instead of truly fixing the problem. Have they presented revenue-generating ideas? No. Are they now threatening to compromise the safety of our citizens? Yes. Now is the time to act strategically. We need to move forward strong, not work backward and face impending doom.

I know there are facilities and resources available to help the city mend its financial situation that do not require permission from political masters. For example, there are municipal credit windows available through the Federal Reserve Bank as well as options to sell city property at market rate — not the political discount program they are currently using.

The fight to fix Mount Vernon belongs with the Comptroller, this should most certainly not be the burden on its valued workers and citizens.

For this reason, I am breaking my independent solitude and entering the race for Comptroller of Mount Vernon.
If granted the privilege to serve, I will leverage what I’ve discovered to ask the hard questions, convene with social-finance leaders, and reveal the facts to develop the best course for balance and integrity. Mount Vernon people are tired of the same cycle of being the obstacle in its own way of success. I am driven to strike a balance between our city’s budget and our spiritual energy so that our efforts create new opportunities that benefit the entire city. For far too long our collective energy has been wasted on destructive forces. It is time we script a new narrative of economic success and ensure that everybody reaps the rewards — not just the 1% or politically connected.

We all must be included in a safe, fiscally sound future. By bringing a business mindset back to City Hall, I will fight for Security, Sanity, and DELIVER PROPERTY TAX RELIEF AGAIN by focusing on the following:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan

  • A Jobs Agenda

  • Performance Policy Contract

  • Monthly Operations Audits

  • Strategic Asset Allocation Plan

  • Explore New Capital Structures

  • Support Digital and Traditional Economies

  • Enhanced Tax Credit Options for Home Beautification

  • Fair and Transparent Property Auctions

Most importantly, I will open the financial account books — all 39 of them that we know about so far. I will report our situation directly to you on a frequent basis — we will have nothing to hide or neglect. The administration will justify their financial actions — from raises to patronage positions — and explain publicly how their investment will make Mount Vernon rise again.

Considering the repeated egregious behavior of the current Comptroller and my unfair treatment, we still accomplished three centuries of change with the passage of Charter Revisions, reconstruction of Memorial Field, and replacement of nearly all bridges — some of which date back to 1893 — without relying on the people’s dime. As demonstrated in the past, I will work to uplift the people of our community with new wisdom and a strategic plan for progress. Together, we will restore our good credit, advocate for direct investment from Washington, and rally Wall Street to help us equitably achieve prosperity for Mount Vernon’s resilient workforce and its cherished families.
The twin pandemics of COVID-19 and petty politics cannot conquer our spirit.

We can fix Mount Vernon without sacrificing our liberty and make it the “City of Happy Homes” again.
We have an extraordinary task ahead and I cannot wait to get back to work bringing Mount Vernon back to glory and rise above the petty politics we have endured for way too long.


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